Sub-freezing Temperatures Mean Icy Conditions – Just Like Always

Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce

(Washington, DC) – The latest DC-area snowstorm is history, and all eyes are now focused on the area’s thermometers, which threaten to plunge to 0° in some areas tonight.

This will mean, of course, that all snow and slush will freeze hard, creating black ice and other hazardous slick spots. Yet The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang felt it necessary to point out that the low temperatures “may turn roads icy overnight.”


“We felt it was our duty to warn residents in the DC area of possible icy conditions,” said a Washington Post spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We feel it’s a public service, and a good one, that the newspaper provides.”

That’s a valid point, but anyone who attended school up to the 3rd grade can tell you that 32° F is the freezing point, making 0° well below the freezing point.

So, again, duh.

“You have to keep in mind with whom you’re dealing,” said a spokesman for the National Weather Service (NWS), speaking on condition of anonymity. “These are the same people for giving unauthorized names to storms. The names ‘Snowmageddon’ and ‘Snowquester’ [which was a complete rain event and hence re-named ‘Rainquester’] and ‘Snowpy New Year’ are all on them. In fact, while this storm is officially Winter Storm Titan, we’re investigating them for the alternate name they’ve given it:

“’Snow, No! Not Again!’”