The Situation Appears Grim

AirAsia Airlines

AirAsia Airlines

(Jakarta, Indonesia) – There will be no repeat of Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Evidence of AirAsia 8501 has been found.

The Airbus A320-200 – and the 162 people aboard – disappeared on December 28. Everyone’s worst fears have been confirmed as debris and bodies have been located after a three-day intensive search.

Unfortunately, many friends and relatives learned of the news by watching television, which without warning broadcast images of dead bodies.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200

Malaysia Airlines
Boeing 777-200

The television station quickly pulled the images and apologized.

“We’re sorry the images aired,” said a television network spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Things have been so traumatic and hectic here over the past few days. We were in too much of a rush to share every single piece of news. It was done in the heat of the moment. We apologize.”

While the cause of the disaster is yet unknown – the planes black boxes haven’t been found – there’s certainty as to its fate. The same can’t be said for MH370, which has been missing since March. After thousands of hours of conjecture, songs, and the incessant droning of Wolf Blitzer, the mystery remains.

Malaysian Airlines MH17

Malaysian Airlines

“At least this one wasn’t blown out of the sky by the Russians,” said an airline industry specialist, speaking on condition of anonymity.

On July 17, Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down over the Ukrainian village of Torez by a surface-to-air missile. The incident cost 295 lives – 15 crew members and 280 passengers.

It is generally accepted that pro-Russian separatists shot down the airliner, but Russia disputes this conclusion. In spite of the wreckage and bodies found at the crash site, delusional Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to insist that the jet landed safely and that its passengers and crew are “guests” in Moscow.

“Just one more piece of the Putin puzzle,” said a State Department spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity. “He’s clearly lost his mind. His sanity has flown the coop.”