Political Discourse Hits Its Mark

Mariam Folashade Abebayo

Mariam Folashade Abebayo

(Germantown, MD — June 2, 2015) – A routine shopping trip to the local upscale Targét retailer turned into a scene of bedlam Monday night.

And it had nothing to do with Targét’s offer of free shipping available this week only.

The thunder produced by a stormy weather system was drowned out by the sound of gunfire in the Targét parking lot at Milestone Center in Germantown. The shooting began at 7:30pm, and when it was over, 24-year-old Mariam Folashade Abebayo was dead.

After a police chase through suburbia, her alleged killer, 27-year-old Wayne Bricker Jr., was apprehended about 10 miles from Targét when he crashed his white Ford Ranger. In addition to handgun, police found over 300 rolls of toilet paper crammed into the vehicle’s cab.

“It’s a wonder he could even see to drive,” said a police spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Target: Germantown, MD

Germantown, MD

Police believe the violence was sparked by a domestic dispute between a former boyfriend and girlfriend. Their case was bolstered today when Abebayo’s family confirmed that she and Bricker had dated for about six months, but recently ended the relationship.

However, others “in the know” believe the attack was politically motivated.

“They were both excited about potentially having a woman as President of the United States in 2016,” said an Abebayo acquaintance, speaking on condition of anonymity. “But she wanted [Hillary] Clinton (D-NY) and he wanted [Lindsey] Graham (R-SC). You had to know this was going to lead to bloodshed.”

Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12; Graham announced her candidacy only yesterday.

The irony of the episode’s setting was lost on most who witnessed the unfolding events – but not all.

“What are the odds of becoming a target at Targét?” opined a shopper, speaking on condition of anonymity.