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Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer

(West Palm Beach, FL — February 14, 2017) – On June 23, 2015, candidate Donald Trump (R-NY) rejected the notion of vacations, should he win the White House:

“I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done. I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off. You don’t have time to take time off.”

And on December 23, 2016, Press Secretary of the Week Sean Spicer told Fox News that the word “vacation” would not be in his boss’ lexicon:

“He will never take a vacation. He can’t sit still. He’s so eager to get things done and change things up. There is never an idle moment.”

So guess who’s taking time off?

Donald Trump (R-NY) in the Art Modell Suite on the 14th Level of Hell

Donald Trump (R-NY) in the Art Modell Suite on the 14th Level of Hell

The president who swore he would never take a vacation now spends his weekends in Florida at his clubs and resorts. And his irony-impairment goes much deeper because of how he’s spending his time in Florida: Playing golf.

“Chancellor Squirrelhead has apparently taken to playing 18 holes with a whole lot of hypocrisy,” said a political strategist, speaking on condition of anonymity. “What kind of penalty stroke do you get for that?

“I’d ask about his handicap, but the only time he’s interested in a handicap is when he’s making fun of the disabled – like the time he mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski.”

This is the same Chancellor Squirrelhead who, for years, criticized President Obama (D-IL) for taking time out to play golf instead of tending to his presidential duties.

Stephen Bannon

Stephen Bannon

“This pathological liar is now a pathological hypocrite,” said a psychiatrist, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Lying and hypocrisy form the psychopathic bedrock of both his administration and the Trump Transition Team of Terror (TTTT). Well, that, plus anti-Semitism and racism. Just ask Stephen Bannon.

“All you have to do is see how many campaign promise fails he has so far. And this is only Week 4! Just look at his doubling-down on the Bowling Green Massacre and Atlanta Massacre. If this guy tried to tell the truth, his tongue would snap off its roller.”

FLATLINE collects a select number of Chancellor Squirrelhead’s tweets (from a twit). Here are his anti-Obama golfing tweets: